Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having an issue with my order. What should I do?

  • If you are experiencing an issue with your order we are more than happy to help resolve it for you! Contact me at or at (646) 765-6944, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do Friday Flowers work?

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How do I make my flowers last?

- Tip on flower food and making them last?

Can I order flowers for a friend or loved one?

- Yes! If you want to send flowers to a friend or family member, just put their address for Local Delivery. How are we going to add notes and know when stuff will get delivered?

Can I do same day delivery?

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How will I know what time I can come pickup my flowers?

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How will I know what time my flowers are going to be delivered?

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Do I have to be home to receive my flower delivery?

- Our policy for delivery is ringing the doorbell or knocking two times, then leaving the arrangement on the doorstep in the most shaded place possible. Are we going to have ppl be able to know what time their delivery is?

Will I be alerted after my flowers are delivered?

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I want a specific color scheme for my arrangement. Can I request specific colors?

- Yes! Do we want to do a specific color scheme drop down? If you have more exact or specific color matches you want (i.e. I want my flowers to match an exact color of a decoration etc), send me a note through the "Contact" tab.

Can I order corsages and boutonnières for a school dance?

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